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Utkal Chatuaa

    Product-: Utkal Chhatua. Also known as Utkal Sattu

    About the Product: Chhatua or Sattu is a type of flour which is a very popular breakfast in Odisha. It is also considered as one of the very healthy food for breakfast.It consists of a mixture of various pulses and cereals in different proportions. Chhatua or Sattu is used in vegetarian cuisines and a good source of protein, Carbohydrate, Calcium,Iron,Vitamin B Complex,Fibre and Fats. This is very popular because of the ease of use. Just add water, milk and curd and simply stir the mix for 30 seconds and it is ready to consume.

    Price -: Differs across flavours. Price Includes cost of the product and handling and processing changes. This product has been introduced on Ritikart because of popular demand of a many people staying outside of Odisha.

    Key Ingredients -:  Rice Flake,Wheat, Chana Daal, Moong, Peanut and Cashew. Does not contain any artificial flavour or taste maker.


    Quantity-: 500 gms.

    Storage Advice-: Store in Dry and Cool Place.

    Manufacturer -:Pentacle-India .

    Please note -: This product does not contain any artificial flavor or taste maker. Made from 100% Natural products.


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  • Saranga Satapathy May 11, 2022 Reply

    very very testy chatua… thanks for delivered my order.

  • Anonymous May 11, 2022 Reply

    Very testy thanks for my order

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